Deadline approaching - Apply by August 11th!

Gain Access to Health Care Influencers

  • Access
    • Present to GuideWell decision makers, key executives at Florida Blue, angel investors, and leaders in health care
    • Personal introductions to key influencers and investors from health care companies such as Florida Blue.
  • Coaching
    • One-on-one coaching with business experts in healthcare to fine-tune your business model
    • Mentoring from entrepreneurs who have successfully entered the health care market
    • Easy application process with personal assistance completing your application
  • Prize
    • $20,000 cash prize and private session with GuideWell executive leadership for winner; travel stipend for everyone

What is Aging Well?

Aging Well is the idea that healthy living and increased longevity can be achieved without sacrificing independence or autonomy. Aging Well solutions allow individuals to age with dignity on their own terms and remain in the homes and communities of their choice for as long as possible.

Solutions should empower individuals to take control of their health on a personal level as well as within their homes and communities through both B2B and consumer-facing products, programs and services that focus on maintaining a sense of connectedness, productivity and safety.

Focus Areas

Health+Accel is looking for innovative solutions related to Aging Well within the healthcare space that focus on one or more of the following key areas:

  • Wellness & Vitality
  • Digital Health
  • Caregiver Support
  • Intelligent Homes & Communities
  • Social Engagement
  • Spirituality & Mindfulness
  • Individual Health Management
  • Education and Navigation

Why should you apply?

Powerful Insights

The healthcare and insurance industry is an ever-changing environment that can be difficult to navigate. Learn more about the dynamic needs and relationships between payers and providers, discover unique opportunities within the space, and explore best practices from experienced industry leaders.

Actionable Coaching

Success in the market is much more than creating a quality product. Entrepreneurs must equip themselves with the tools and resources necessary to distinguish themselves from competitors and communicate value to customers and investors alike. Receive expert-level coaching that aligns with the needs of the healthcare industry as you refine your Business Model Canvas and pitch.

Meaningful Connections

Accessing capital and industry resources can be all that stands in your way of taking your product to the next level. Connect with likeminded professionals as well as GuideWell’s talented team of innovators and executives through daily networking events and pitch your product to a room full of some of the region’s top investors in the healthcare space.

Funding and Recognition

Behind every business is a story, it just needs a platform to be told. Participating entrepreneurs will have their stories featured by GuideWell and the opportunity to speak directly to investors and executives within the space. Those selected to participate will receive a travel stipend to cover the costs of attending and the winner of the pitch competition will be rewarded with a $20,000.00 cash prize.

Program Timeline

Phase 1

August 11

Application Deadline

Phase 2

August - September 2017

Participant Selection

Phase 3

October 30 - November 2, 2017

Health+Accel Workshop

Phase 4

November 3, 2017

Pitch Day

Application Process


To be eligible for Health+Accel, qualified entrepreneurs should possess the following:

  • A team of qualifed individuals committed to the long-term success of the venture
  • Market ready product or service
  • A business model that supports growth
  • A strong desire to expand within the healthcare space


Health+Accel applications are scored against a pre-determined criteria that evaluates the viability and potential of your product by a selection committee composed of GuideWell executives, industry experts, and potential investors. Qualifying applications should answer the following questions:

Value Proposition

  • How does your product support the idea of Aging Well?
  • What specifc benefits does it offer?
  • What sets is apart from currently available options?

Strength of Team

  • How qualified is your team?
  • What past indicators of success prove that you are capable of accomplishing your mission?
  • How are you prepared for growth?

Business Model

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • How do you plan to capture and deliver value to your customers?
  • What is your strategy for success and how do you plan to achieve your goals?

Market Opportunity

  • Who are your customers?
  • What unfullfilled need, want or demand does your product address?
  • How big is the market and what is your team’s capacity to meet the demand?

Revenue Model

  • How does your product generate revenue?
  • What is your pricing structure and who pays for it?
  • How do you deliver value to your investors?

Event Schedule


October 30, 2017

The healthcare and insurance industry is an ever-changing environment that can be difficult to navigate. Learn more about the dynamic needs and relationships between payers and providers, discover unique opportunities within the space, and explore best practices from experienced industry leaders.


October 31, 2017

Learn about the health industry landscape from experts in the field as they discuss different perspectives on the needs and relationships between payers and providers. After lunch, you’ll hear from experienced entrepreneurs who have found success in the healthcare space followed by a networking dinner event.


November 01, 2017

Receive Business Model Canvas coaching and mentoring from experienced professionals in preparation for Pitch Day and enjoy another evening event to connect.


November 02, 2017

Refine your canvas and practice your pitch with the help of available coaches and mentors followed by a free evening to relax, explore or continue preparing for Pitch Day.


November 03, 2017

Pitch Day Itinerary:

  • Coffee and pitch demo
  • Welcome from GuideWell executives and event sponsors
  • Pitch competition
  • Networking reception
  • Winner announcements